Simone and André have devoted their live to music. They both started at an early age and have been appearing together in various groups since 1977.

Simone studied at the Schiltigheim School of Music and took up the accordion when she was just nine years old, subsequently extending her range to include percussion instruments. Her first public performances were with the orchestra « Les Dauphins de Strasbourg » in 1977. André has been performing since he was 14 and is the founder of « Les Dauphins de Strasbourg » which he has conducted and led in many performances throughout the region. He has also found time to teach music ( the accordion, solfège and the theory of music) at public and private schools in Alsace.

Simone sings, plays the accordion and the drums. André writes, composes and arranges, play the accordion (both traditional and electronic) is a virtuoso on the bandoneon and provides accompaniment for Simone’s vocals.

In many pieces of munic André plays the saxophone with its wonderful sound. Singing together asks for long lasting training so that their voices completement each other perfectly. They always play live. The mood created in this way is not at all aggressive in spite of the percussions which Simone is able to play so perfectly.


Simone et André have credits too numerous to list and have played before international audiences :

Avec le Künstlerdienst de Stuttgart, Bal de l’Opéra, Hôtel Graf Zeppelin, Schlossgartenhotel Breuningerland, Semaines françaises gastronomiques en Allemagne, Hôtel Ramada, Hôtel Dorint, Crest Hotel, Queens Hotel, Fête franco-allemande à Berlin, Leicester jumelage avec Strasbourg, Paris, Salon de l’agriculture, Hong-Kong Conrad Hotel, Moscou, Salon du Tourisme Athènes avec le Club Alsacien, Berne Schweitzer Hof, Lucerne Hôtel Restaurant Postillon, Rust Europa Park, Strasbourg le Crocodile.

The duo is also at home in Germany where they have frequently accompanied musicians on tour and played before audiences of up to 4,500 at public and corporate events (e.g. for Junghans) They are frequently invited to perform Alsatian music at cultural events in places such as Munich, Franfurt and Athens and for the city of Angers.




Recording studio with complete equipment. Compositions and sound mixing (using FINALE and CUBASE)


2 accordion, 1 accordion electronic, 1 bandonium,

1 saxo alto, 1 saxo ténor,

1 set of drums, 1 mini drum kit

1 P.A. System covered an audience of 200 persons